Panhandle Path Closed Yesterday?

The crossing to the Panhandle bike path was closed yesterday, photo tweeted by Snider
The crossing to the Panhandle bike path was closed yesterday, photo tweeted by Snider

A quick note about a twitter kerfuffle from last night over a closure to the Panhandle bike path. This involved San Francisco Bicycle Coalition member Elisabeth Snider, who lives in the Sunset and uses the path regularly. Upon seeing the closure of this essential transportation link for cyclists, Snider tweeted 311 with the above photo for more information:

The city’s response, via SFPD, via 311:

As Snider and others immediately pointed out, that’s just not true–besides, why is there a bike signal there if bikes can’t use it? There was a little bit more back and forth, and then:


The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, which brought the exchange to Streetsblog’s attention, had this to say:

“It’s long been clear that some staff at the SFPD and 311 don’t know the traffic laws that people rely on them enforcing. In addition to failing to address this, city agencies would rather avoid responsibility for problems like double parking in bike lanes than take steps to address valid, persistent citizen complaints,” said Chris Cassidy of the SFBC.

Latest reports are that the crossing is no longer blocked.


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