Opening Date Set for BART Warm Springs Extension

Photo: MTC
Photo: MTC

Life for commuters heading north from Warm Springs and South Fremont is about to get a little easier. After months of delay and glitches, it looks as if BART finally has its extension ready to roll. It announced the opening date, March 25.

From BART’s official announcement:

BART’s Warm Springs Extension will open for service on Saturday, March 25, 2017. The 5.4-mile extension connects the existing Fremont Station to the new Warm Springs/South Fremont Station. The new station includes 2,082 parking spots, including 42 electronic car charging stations as well as intermodal connections to A/C Transit and VTA buses.

“This will be history in the making,” said BART Director Tom Blalock, in the official announcement. “This will bring BART service to the residents of fast growing south Fremont. They’ll have a reliable, environmentally-responsible alternative to driving on the sometime nightmarish Nimitz Freeway.”

The opening brings BART closer to its larger extension plans, to reach San Jose, connecting the East Bay to Silicon Valley.

BART will host an opening celebration from 10 a.m. to noon on Friday, March 24 at the new Warm Spring station, 45193 Warm Springs Blvd. Free bus shuttles will be provided from Fremont Station.

BART, meanwhile, put together this video tour of the new station:



  • jd_x

    Are they changing the names of the lines to “Warm Springs – Richmond” and “Warm Springs – Daly City”?

  • crazyvag

    They probably won’t change the names until the SJ extension opens. Warm Springs is still in Fremont, so names are technically correct..

  • Chris

    From the video it looks like the station is surrounded by surface parking lots. Will there be anything else within walking distance of the station?

  • YohanSF

    “Warm Springs/South Fremont Station” – I don’t think this name is adequately descriptive. I suggest we rename the station to the “Warm Spring/South Fremont/Southern Alameda County/Northern Santa Clara County/Bay Area Station”

  • Jeffrey Baker

    Not for a few years at least. There are plans to develop all of the area around the station, but the immediate area west of the station will be thousands of parking spaces until the end of days. The nearest actual thing that is planned will be a neighborhood accessible by a bridge over the adjacent tracks. You can get the general idea here:

  • Yep, one huge commuter rail station surrounded by a ton of parking. The downtown Irvington station’s been shelved.

  • Andy Chow

    It got built becuse it stole money from Dumbarton Rail. It was planned long ago but underfunded. In 2009 MTC made an arrangement that RM2 bridge toll funding originally allocated to Dumbarton Rail would be “borrowed” by BART for this project. And a few years later MTC made another arrangement to forgive the loan. If MTC had not take the two steps but rather take the money outright there might have been more push back on the Peninsula. Now the Dumbarton Rail project is stalled due to lack of funding, and buses they added are stuck in traffic.

  • Rogue Cyclist

    During system testing last night I saw “Warm Springs xx minutes” on the platform message boards.

  • Rogue Cyclist

    Hmm, if I’m reading this right, it doesn’t look like Warm Springs will get service to Richmond before 6 pm on weekdays or to SF on Saturdays.

  • crazyvag

    The schedule for the extension feels unnecessarily complicated. Pick one line for weekends and another line for weekdays if you need to.

    Or how about investing in driverless technology. Then you can run all lines every 5 mins for same cost.

  • neroden

    Given what’s going on in the area, why not just call it “Tesla Factory Station”

  • neroden

    The Tesla Factory is the nearest thing to the station, and is certainly within walking *distance* but they need to build a pedestrian bridge over the Union Pacific tracks to make it a reasonable walk.

  • jd_x

    Yep, they’re changing the names from Fremont to Warm Springs:


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