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Fund Drive Going Fantastically Well… But We Still Need Your Help

We’ve already raised $10,000! Thank you! Motley, Roger’s cat, is meowing for a celebratory bike ride and purring up a storm (and coughing up a fur ball, but we’re pretty sure that’s unrelated).

We're not there yet, but, thanks to your support, we're well on the way.

It's just under two weeks since we started our fund drive, and we've already broken the $10,000 mark, thanks to the generous contributions of more than 84 donors. We can't say 'thank you' enough.

Haven't given yet? Click on the above button--no donation is too small

Of course, we wish we didn't have to do this drive. But the Craiglist Charitable Fund, which has been a stalwart supporter of the safe and livable streets movement for over a decade, has changed their priorities and will not be supporting transportation advocacy groups this year... for Streetsblog San Francisco, this remains make-or-break.

It left us with a $25,000 hole--and you've responded, transforming that gap into $15,000 for this fiscal year. You've already bought us a few more months of breathing room to find a new foundation to keep us solvent moving forward.

Again, thank you!

We're excited and thrilled and deeply moved by your support. But our "usual suspects" are likely tapped out or close to it. We can show there's enthusiasm for keeping this project going to those donors that might be able to get us the rest of the way. We still have a pretty big gap to close.

Already convinced? Donate now!

So if you haven't done so yet, now's a great time to a) spread the word via social media or email (examples below) b) share a great idea or contact that can help us get forward (contact Damien Newton, c) make a donation if you haven't yet.

If you want to help us on social media, here are a couple of samples you can cut and paste or re-tweet to your feeds:

And again, thanks so much for your support.

Motley, Roger's cat, is excited about the spring fund drive
Motley, Roger's cat, is excited about the spring fund drive
Motley, Roger's cat, is excited about the spring fund drive

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