Today’s Headlines

  • BART Ridership Surges (Patch)
  • More on Gas Prices Fueling Return to Transit (MercNews)
  • Rising Gas Prices Good Argument for Better Bike Infra (DailyJournal)
  • How 1973 Oil Crisis Turned Copenhagen into a Bike Heaven (FastCo)
  • Caltrain Eliminates Bus Bridge, Returns to New Schedule (MercNewsDailyJournal)
  • Overview of California’s HSR Project (NYTimes)
  • Treasure Island Residents Don’t Like Car Toll (SFChron, CBSLocal)
  • Prop. 13 Helps Rich White Homeowners, Research Shows (MercNews)
  • Local Destinations in the Bay Area, Including New Ferry (SFChron)
  • Commentary: Legislature Must Help with Caltrain Electrification (MercNews)
  • Commentary: People Must Understand Methane and Global Warming (SFChron)

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