Sunday Parking Meter Enforcement to Begin January 6

Parking meters in San Francisco will be enforced on Sundays starting January 6, 2013, confirms SF Municipal Transportation Agency spokesperson Paul Rose.

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The meters will be in effect from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. As the SF Chronicle reported today, the SFMTA will also pilot an extension of meter hours in the evening around the Giants ballpark until 10 p.m. starting next spring after SFPark meters are installed in Mission Bay.

Enforcing parking meters on Sundays is expected to reduce the number of drivers circling for parking by increasing turnover during periods of high demand. Parking meter hours in San Francisco basically haven’t changed since 1947, when most businesses weren’t open on Sundays or after 6 p.m., and demand was low.

Today, a car owner can occupy a commercial parking spot for free from Saturday at 6 p.m. until Monday morning, forcing driving customers to cruise around for another available space. Ending the once-a-week parking giveaway is expected to increase turnover for businesses and reduce the congestion, pollution, and noise commonly seen in business districts each Sunday.

Coincidentally, yesterday was the 77th anniversary of the day the country’s first parking meter was installed in Oklahoma City.

The official go-ahead for metered parking on Sundays still requires approval of the citywide fiscal year 2012-2013 budget from the Board of Supervisors, which is expected next Tuesday. The SFMTA budget was approved by the Budget and Finance Committee in May, and initial board approval of the citywide budget is scheduled for today.

  • Taylor3029

    I understand why we need parking meters on Sunday. No big deal. 

    What I do not understand is when a local building was damaged by fire.. Why is the parking around the building closed. I live near Alamo Square and the a fire on Pierce and Golden Gate destroyed the building. I don’t understand why the building owner now 10 months later can still block the street to parking. There at least 10 parking spots “closed” to general parking. This sucks. Can anyone tell me why this is allowed to continue? I need a place to park!! Help There is a fence around the building that extends in the street and will not allow for parking. The city requires construction and moving crews to pay for a permit to close a street to parking.. Why is this not included when a fire burns a building. The building owner should be required to clear the street and sidewalk. At least!! What is the city doing to help us park? Since they just deleted 20 parking spots for “bike lane” which I understand, but not for a building fire!!! 

  • Tr1cky1

    Even as an infrequent MUNI rider, I’ve seen and experienced firsthand at least two awful MUNI drivers…stop the bus with passengers on it to either get food at Jack in the Box or to chase down a passenger who just left to try to get her number. I’ve only been to a few other cities in the US, but I can safely say that all forms transportation in SF are lacking. Parking is tough, BART closes way before last call, the Owls run like once an hour, cabs are sparse.

  • modelcitizen

     Just generating more revenue hiring more idiots to write more tickets. Things are supposed to work for the people, not against them. Give the people a day of rest. Sunday parking is so ridiculously short sighted.

  • mikesonn

    You’ll be able to find parking more easily which would mean that enforcing meters will work for “the people” (I assume you mean car drivers are the only “people” in a the city, right?).


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