Tonight: “Ride of Silence” Visits Deadly Streets to Honor Ten Fallen Cyclists

This evening, the tenth annual Ride of Silence will visit the locations where ten people have been killed on bikes in San Francisco since 2001.

“Our purpose is to draw attention to the fact that cyclists are humans moving from one point to another and are vulnerable users of the road, and that each of us deserves respect, whether riding a bike, walking, or driving a motor vehicle,” organizers said in a statement.

The event began in Dallas, Texas, in 2003, after Larry Schwartz was killed on his bike after being struck by the mirror of a passing bus.

The ride begins at 6:30 pm at Justin Herman Plaza (the foot of Market Street). You can find the Facebook page for the local event here, and the main event page here.

The organizers note in their press release that visiting these dangerous streets can itself be risky, and that “many of the stops on the 12 mile ride remain among the most dangerous intersections in the city, although the riders will follow road rules, official bike routes, and will move slowly and safely to reach each location.”

Here are the locations that the ride will visit. Two of the victims were killed at the same location (Oak and Franklin Streets):

  • thank you for covering, Streetsblog. even though these are dangerous intersections, many are on well traveled bike routes. All stops, especially those that are not part of the City’s bike infrastructure, will be approached with caution.



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Jeff Jones, whose partner was killed in 2015, and Devon Warner, starting the long process of prep for this year's Ride of Silence. Photo: Streetsblog/Rudick

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