Today’s Headlines

  • Temporary Barrier Installed After Truck Driver Plows Into Rain Garden at Fell and Divisadero (Hoodline)
  • A Progress Report on the Housing Built in the Footprint of the Central Freeway (Arch Newspaper)
  • Willie Brown Worries How “Cutting Down Car Lanes on Second Street” Will Affect Firefighters (Chronicle)
  • No, Muni Fares Won’t Stop Rising: They’re Tied to Economic Cost Increases (SF Magazine)
  • Caltrain Electrification is Subject to CEQA, Rules Federal Board on Atherton Lawsuit (DJGC, Almanac)
  • More on the Caltrain Board’s Vote to Increase Bike Space, Reject Bathrooms on Electric Trains (GC)
  • Survey: 45% of Downtown Palo Workers Commute Without Driving Alone; 15% Bike (PTA)
  • As Millbrae Plans Development at BART/Caltrain Station, Some Residents Fear More Car Traffic (SMDJ)
  • GG Bridge District to Launch Free Shuttle Connecting San Rafael Transit Center, Larkspur Ferry (MIJ)
  • Marin County Continues Study on Re-Opening Alto Tunnel for Bikes, Peds Near Mill Valley (Marin IJ)
  • “FasTrak Flex” Transponders Come to Bay Area for Highway Drivers to Use in Express Toll Lanes (CoCo)
  • 6-Cent Drop in State Gas Excise Tax Cuts Transpo Funds, Saves Little for Consumers (Chron – Scroll)

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  • gneiss

    Apparently the problem that Willie Brown has with 2nd Street was prompted by a conversation with the Fire Chief. He described that she was ‘livid’ at how it took her 40 minutes to get from her office at 2nd and Townsend to Chinatown for a lunch meeting. According to Google maps, it would have taken here 28 minutes to walk there, 13 minutes to bike there, or 14 minutes to drive there (with current 11 AM traffic). Really, saving 15 minutes at an optimum time driving over walking just isn’t worth it.

    With attitudes like that, it’s no wonder we’re getting such push back from the Fire Department brass over narrowing streets and slowing traffic. If she wants to live and work in a place like Walnut Creek, then move there. Why does the Fire Department continue to believe that the only way to navigate this city is in a car? They could do with ditching them for a while and getting around like other people do. Might even help her understand why people want to have the streets narrowed in the first place.

  • lunartree

    “6-Cent Drop in State Gas Excise Tax”

    Looks like a wrong link on this article.

  • You have to scroll down to a separate story within the post. We try to indicate this by writing “Scroll” next to the link.

  • lunartree

    Oh, I see it now, thanks! Wow, the Chron really buried that article.

  • murphstahoe

    reads as if she’s leveraging her position on the SFFD to push back against bike lanes not because of safety and other parameters for her position as Chief, but because she is concerned (almost certainly incorrectly – per usual) that the bike lanes mess up her personal time.

  • Nicasio Nakamine

    Further to this, the problem along 2nd is hugely exacerbated by box-blocking. Why doesn’t our dear Fire Chief rail on this? (maybe she did – Willie Brown is free to only highlight the complaints that suit his anti-everything-but-cars bias).

  • jd_x

    Yep. So annoying watching government officials and business owners try to co-opt some greater cause (“it’s for the people!”) when really all they care about is their own commute. Disgusting that this attitude is still so persistent even in a supposed progressive city like SF.

  • Given the sheer amount of people in the area these days, 2nd Street no longer has room for cars. Would love to see the car lanes ripped out ASAP.

  • Just be thankful Willie is no longer da Mayor. If you think it’s been tough to get bicycle lanes recently just imagine if Willie was appointing the MTA and pontificating from City Hall officially. At least now it’s just hot air from yesterday’s politician. Even worse had Willie been the Mayor in 1989 after the Earthquake does anyone seriously think the Embarcadero Freeway would have been demolished? Let this man prattle on in The Chronicle and write about his dinners with politicians and what movie he saw last week.I can laugh with that.